Upgrading Personal Performance

We all desire greater personal performance whether it be at home with the kids/family, competing on the sports field, or in the work arena.  Performing at your best regardless of age group or circumstances can be the most exhilarating feeling of accomplishment.

In Kinesiology we can upgrade personal performance in many ways.


  • Nutritional support
  • Brain and memory integration
  • Learning difficulties
  • Physical and structural balance
  • Removing mental and emotional blockages
  • Working with self sabotage programing

When seeking greater energy for personal performance nutritional support can be the first place to start, especially for athletes and active lifestyles.  If we are not receiving the nutrients our body requires, then our energy and performance levels will be less than ideal.  Through muscle testing a Kinesiology practitioner can find where the food values are low and establish whether whole foods or whole food supplements and minerals are likely to assist.

Personal performance can also include the workplace or classroom. Using brain and memory integration, Kinesiology can assist the client with concentration, memory recall and learning difficulties. There are left and right side hemispheres of the brain achieving different tasks; the right side for creative aspects and the left side for logic. When we are integrated with both sides of the brain working together, we read with smoothness, expression, intonation and comprehension.  Improved brain integration increases learning performance, improves physical coordination and emotional/behavioural actions while raising academic success.

Physical and structural Balance is needed in all areas of life, especially with athletes and people that depend on their body for work.  Physical balance requires mental and physical fitness. If the strength of the body is impaired in some way by structural or muscular imbalance, our personal performance will not be at its optimum level.  Kinesiology helps to find the muscular imbalances by gentle muscle testing.  The practitioner will then find the priority correction for those muscles considering several aspects including: the Physical/Structural, Mental/emotional and Nutritional/Bio-chemical.

When competing and working at high levels we can have mental or emotional blockages or body bio-memory trauma impairing our ability to be at our best.  These are often unknown to us but can sabotage our performance on many levels.  Understanding and finding these unknown blockages from our mental and emotional states can improve performance in two key ways:

(1) Providing greater awareness of an issue and (2) stopping the fight/flight reaction, which can shut down body systems and prevent us from making vital and important decisions.

Kinesiology can also work to diffuse sabotage programmes.   These programmes are triggered by a survival adaption e.g.; “I am (not) a winner” or “I can (not) release my potential”.    At one time these programmes may have served the person well (or met their needs), but may no longer be the most appropriate response. These programmes are a subconscious reoccurring pattern that, when triggered, can create an undesired outcome and reduce optimal performance. Personal Development Kingscliff.

To be at our best personal performance we need to have clear overall body systems.