Physical Balance & Wellbeing

Everyday our bodies are bombarded with physical and emotional stress, caused by lifestyle choice, accident, nutritional imbalance, sports, or from workplace and/or personal relationships.  The human body has an amazing built in intelligence that is constantly working undercover to correct these day-to-day stressors… but sometimes the body needs a little help to fall in line with its own innate healing intelligence. 

Kinesiology looks at the whole person and through gentle muscle testing or monitoring we are able to establish the body’s priority needs.  In the session the practitioner can then assist the body to continue with its own healing/balancing intelligence and needs through a variety of techniques used to restore balance to the body and mind.

Physical balance is the optimal state of equilibrium and requires mental and physical fitness. If the strength of the body is impaired in some way (by structural or muscular imbalance) our posture can be put at risk eventually setting the body up for chronic physical ailments like: backache, knee & joint problems, neck & shoulder issues, headaches and more.  Our wellbeing will also affect our optimal equilibrium and is defined as “the state of being in great health, happiness and prosperity”.  When our mental, emotional, and physical self is not working at its optimum level, all of our body systems are vulnerable to illness and injury.

The art of Kinesiology is to find imbalances and assist the body back to a state of optimal equilibrium so we can best handle life’s challenges as they present themselves. Overall health and vitality can be determined by the balance of the whole body - Mental/emotional, nutritional/bio-chemical, and physical/structural.

Through gentle muscle testing and effective communication, balancing sessions can help the client to become more aware of imbalances in their life that could be making them feel less than optimal.  Sometimes a lifestyle modification might be the first approach to regaining vitality.  During the session the practitioner will find relevant emotion/s that relates to the priority issue thus enabling the client to gain awareness that they may not have considered before.  From this awareness a client can then activate change in their life to regain vitality. Weight loss Kingscliff.

In Physical Balance and Wellbeing Kinesiology can work with:

  • Restricted movement
  • Weakness
  • Postural imbalance
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Pain, fear, self-doubt
  • Nutritional insufficiency
  • Emotional Support

Physical balance and wellbeing are important to our health, vitality and longevity. The varied approach of Kinesiology creates greater client awareness and education as well as physical rebalancing, which can change the quality of life by improving health and vitality.