Mastering Emotional Challenges

Stressors and emotions are part of everyday life and come in varied forms for a multitude of reasons. How we deal with these effects our ability to move forward in life and live with vitality. 

The human body has the ability to store emotions.  Major events in life such as loss or death, relationship break up, accidents or injury and workplace conflict can imprint emotional feelings in our genetic makeup and subconscious.  We can store the related emotions from these events in both our thoughts and physiology.  If we don’t become aware or shift this stored emotion, it is possible to obtain acute or chronic illness as a result.

Our lives are constantly changing and we continually react (consciously or unconsciously) to the circumstances we find ourselves in. If we have the ability to cope with and master emotional challenges, we can vastly improve our health and vitality.

Kinesiology helps with mastering emotional challenges by.

  • Lifestyle awareness and modification
  • Nutritional support
  • Emotional stress release
  • Age recession and genetic emotional release
  • Physical and structural balance and awareness
  • Working with conflict and sabotage programing
  • Emotional pain, fear and self-doubt
  • Brain and memory integration

Lifestyle awareness and modification allows positive change to happen more readily.  Having a greater awareness of the emotions relating to a particular issue and then releasing them can help the transition/modification take place smoothly

Nutritional support while you are low on energy or under stress helps the body to deal better at a physical level. Minerals and nutrients help the muscles and body systems operate at their optimum level in times of stress. If the stressor is happening for long periods, then nutritional support is always needed as we burn through vitamins and minerals at a much higher rate when under stress.

Releasing stress with kinesiology involves gentle muscle testing to identify the issue and related emotions while the session invokes effective communication and awareness that can assist in and outside the session.  The client takes the information and awareness gained and integrates it into their life therefore improving their vitality. 

Sometimes clients need to be balanced on significant events from the past through age recession.  As humans we have the ability to hold onto stress from the past, and that stress can occur in the present time when triggered again in a similar way.  By clearing emotion and gaining awareness from age recession, a Kinesiology practitioner can help the client to move forward in life freely.

Removing emotional blockages will allow clients to better tackle life experiences and challenges as they present themselves. This also helps the client to break away from old emotional and subconscious patterns and make better choices.  Greater emotional awareness and removal of these blockages will also help the physical body to function at optimum levels.

Mastering emotional challenges helps us to regain health and vitality with relationships, life experiences and self-worth.   This is wonderful.