The importance of balance in the modern world

balance1-800x533We live in a busy world that is constantly changing.  This can be exciting and it can also cause uncertainty and stress.  Mental illness is on the rise in many countries and many people feel overwhelmed with their lives.  Establishing a sense of balance can improve our resilience and allow us to enjoy life more.

Balance is more than work vs life.  It is necessary for our very existence and it greatly affects our health and wellbeing.  

For our survival we rely on our personal ecology/biology and the external support from our environment.  Our bodies are a delicate balance of many systems, all which need to be in balance.  For example, we need our hormones to do their complex jobs, and to function properly they need to be in balance.  

We require balance to maintain our health and wellbeing and each day we make various choices that will support greater balance, or not.  Sometimes these choices serve us and often they do not.  We may choose to skip meals or work longer hours in favor of getting more work done, not to exercise because we are too tired, or to have that second glass of wine to help us sleep.  

Balance offers stability. Without it we can find ourselves facing undesirable emotions, loss of performance, a lack of health and mental health issues, and more.

To promote health, resilience, and personal wellbeing we need to find balance between 4 core quadrants:

The physical - Vitality

The mental - Clarity

The emotional - Fulfillment

The spiritual - Connection 

balance2-533x800When these quadrants are considered and addressed on a regular basis we find greater ability to cope with change and uncertainty, higher resilience and levels of personal wellness, and life itself becomes more rewarding.  Each day we can make a point to check in with these quadrants, make adjustments as needed, and engage in more activities that support all four.

We can ask the following questions and take action/s to support the areas that need support.

1. Physical: How is my body feeling?

2. Mental: What is the quality of my thinking?  What is my current dominant thought?

3. Emotional: How am I currently feeling?

4. Spiritual: Am I feeling connected? (To others, to a purpose, to a greater force)

The rewards of achieving a balanced life include a preponderance of the ascending, more positive emotions (see below).  A lack of balance can incur stress or anxiety and more frequency of the descending emotions (see below), which affects both resilience and our overall health and wellbeing.

spiritual balance Ascending emotions:

  • Joy/love
  • Peace
  • Compassion
  • Contentment
  • Optimism
  • Gratitude

emotional blanceDescending emotions:

  • Self doubt
  • Resentment (anger)
  • Judgment
  • Pessimism
  • Despair
  • Hopelessness

 As we face unprecedented change in the world today choosing to live a balanced life is an important strategy.


Balance Assessment and Coaching

physical balanceIndividual balance is assessed against four core quadrants and 10 key domains.  The “ideal” is unique to each individual, yet achieving this will dramatically affect wellbeing.  

The 10 domains are a holistic representation of life within the four quadrants: Purpose, Passions, Relationships, Material Wellbeing, Mental state, Resilience, Work/life balance, Physicality, Faith, and Environment.  

Once the assessment is complete, an individual can see where they may be off balance and can choose to work with a coach and/or a Kinesiologist to help establish a clear and practical action plan to support to achieve and maintain the desired goal/s.

Coaching provides practical tools, emotional support, assistance with forward movement, an ear to listen, and a push (gentle or not so gentle) when needed.

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Ignition coaching

balance3-800x533Ignition coaching is specifically designed to get the internal fires burning (ignite) and reclaim the joy and passion we had as children.  As our worlds have become busier, many of us no longer have the time for the things we love or that bring us joy.  For some, this means that their lives have become far too serious…filled with responsibility…and playfulness and joy rarely surface.  It can even manifest as flatness or feelings of apathy. While this busyness is becoming a standard, it is also becoming a badge of worth.  The harder we work (whether it be in a job, business, or as a parent) the more valuable we may feel and appear to others.

The danger in this, is that busyness does not always replenish our energies and can in fact, often do the opposite.  Our adrenal glands can become overworked and this can have significant repercussions on our overall health and levels of wellbeing.  When we are too busy we can also miss the subtleties of life that can give it meaning and purpose.  We may also miss the wisdom of our internal voice (or gut feelings) and our power of discernment can become fuzzy.  

As a result we may feel like we are on autopilot running around a wheel and may feel increasingly dissatisfied with our lives.  Our energies may also lag so we reach for more and more stimulating sources to keep us going.  Ignition coaching will help you enjoy waking up to a new day and reclaim a purpose to life - which will in turn increase your vitality!