About Us

At Ignio we believe that life is precious; something to be grateful for, and that as humans we are living longer than ever before.  Too many people we see are on a treadmill working hard to achieve or survive and missing the finer, subtler things in life.  They may have achieved financial or material success but at what cost to their health, wellbeing, or relationships?  They may have put the needs of others before their own and now wondering what is next?

Many people are stuck at the end of their lives unable to move their physical bodies or use their minds as they used to.  The end result is that far too many people are not truly present, grateful, or joyous.

Health is one of the greatest gifts we can have and it is our personal choices that will support it (or not).  Wellbeing and happiness come after we make positive choices to support a healthy lifestyle. Ignio aims to assist those ready and willing to embrace change in making choices that will support them in having the life they truly desire and deserve.

Allison is the former director of Harmonious Solutions where she spent over 18 years designing and delivering tailored training programs and coaching individuals both in the U.S and Australia.

She is accredited to run the Thomas International D.I.S.C. psychometric behavioral assessment, a facilitator of the Field Center, and runs the Passion Mapping program.

She survived a fast-paced adrenaline lifestyle in California to realize the critical importance of achieving balance and has changed her life to one that supports her on all levels.

She has completed her yoga teacher training with the Knoff Yoga School and is passionate about healthy cooking, fitness, health, travel, and writing.

She believes that we are all here for a reason and life becomes sweeter when we connect with our unique sense of purpose.



kinesiology byron bay

Kevin is a practicing Kinesiologist and is registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiology.

He has the unique ability to work within his accredited teaching protocol and use his intuition to work more deeply with each person he sees.

He is also a “landscape artist extraordinaire”, has studied sustainable agriculture, and has been working with the plant kingdom for years - assisting clients to create and maintain functional and food gardens.

He believes that soil health directly affects human health and is fascinated with the way our thoughts and emotions affect our wellbeing and circumstances.

He loves motorcycles and cars, exploring the great outdoors and music.