What is Ignio?

IGNIO is Latin for “ignite” or “set on fire

We believe that true health, high performance, wellness, and ultimately happiness come from being ignited from within rather than relying on stimulation from others, busyness, or controlling our circumstances, as things are often outside of our control.  But how does that happen?

Daily we are bombarded with stimulation, distraction, and information that adds stress to our systems and often contains mixed messages.  This assault can affect our resilience (ability to stretch and bend under pressure), moods, self-worth, relationships, performance, and ultimately our health and wellbeing.   It is easy in today’s world to find a fix for whatever needs fixing, but the sustainability of the quick fix is questionable.  Instead, we need to take the time to assess our present circumstances holistically, decide what we want (sometimes this is the opposite of what we no longer want), set some goals, and take action to actively seek greater balance within our current lifestyle, circumstances, and needs.  We need to turn away from seeking the external “buzz” and come back to the wisdom within.  This is absolutely critical for sustainable health and wellbeing!

Our philosophy is that each person is unique and the path to wellness is a personal journey.  We believe that the body has infinite wisdom and we can learn to tap in and follow its guidance when we understand how to do so.

At Ignio we offer a range of practical services and products that offer a holistic approach to improving or maintaining health, wellbeing, and lifestyle.  We run workshops and retreats to educate those interested in learning and/or wish to build a community of support.

We specialize in assisting with:

  • Anxiety, stress and emotional support
  • Life Transition and processing change
  • Performance enhancement and strategy
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation


  • Rekindling passion
  • Creating a balanced lifestyle
  • Improving Physical health and wellbeing
  • Nutritional balancing
  • Pain management
  • Learning to stop and smell the roses!

Our Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to help more people take health, wellbeing, and vitality back into their own hands and provide tools and community to those that are seeking and ready.

Our Values

Inspire people to make desired changes

Serve those that are willing and ready to embrace something new

Connect those who are seeking with like-minded community

Add Value to those within our community

Our System

We have a unique system in that we work together as a team.  This means that we are able to provide more thorough and lasting results by using two modalities - Kinesiology (addressing the body and emotions) and Coaching (addressing the mind and emotions).  As a couple we are also able to provide a balanced perspective of the male and female energies.

We have an assessment process that allows clients to view their circumstances holistically and make choices based on where they wish to move or change.  Often Kinesiology will support the coaching process by releasing stubborn mental or emotional patterns and coaching can cement physical and emotional shifts gained through Kinesiology by providing a practical way forward. Clients can (of course) choose to seek these services separately.

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